The beauty of expectation…

My sister found a shirt (which later became one of my favorite Christmas gifts this year) which reads, “NEVER say Monday.”

How appropriate, it sums up my thoughts exactly.

After four days of Holiday bliss my mind refuses to compute “Monday.” Shhh, don’t even speak it.

With Christmas come such a great sense of expectation and this year the expectation seemed higher.

As I get older, I am noticing that my emotions during the Holidays are always heightened by optimism and a magnitude of positivity. This way of thinking is what I always associate with the innocence of childhood. Oh, to be this way more often and without fear!

As I said, this year seemed more special…and I could not pin point it. After significant thought I realized the cause… expectation.

Expectation was the wind in my sails this Christmas…the buoy to my sinking spirit, after a whirlwind of a year.

Tomorrow is Monday. Christmas is over. My finances are in pitiful shape, did I mention that I have to buy four new tires?

Still, my soul is not bothered as it usually is. My mind is not putrid with discouragement and my heart is not pounding with the adrenaline of a “too-fast-pace.” After four days of grace, I have rediscovered a place inside of me; clear, calm, joyous and expectant.

As a beautiful season gives way to a new year…I am expectant. My expectation is not set on any one person, event, or thing. It is simply set on good. Hope is high in this beautiful mess, my heart is wide open with expectation and it feels good! Monday may not be so bad after all…

Regardless of how your Holidays may have been this year, I truly hope you enter the New Year with expectation. Expectation and sights set high. Hope is not just for Christmas… the wonder, the beauty, the expectancy…this is how life is meant to be lived year round.


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