A deep breath and divine pause…

I am shocked at the amount of time that has passed since I used words to bear my soul… I decided when starting this blog that I would write here what I might scribble in a notebook, that I would capture my thoughts here, rather than on another sticky note. While my first post was about expectation, this post could easily be titled: “enduring.”

What a difference eight months can make.

In the past eight months: I have moved (a few times actually), changed jobs, traveled to a new state I’ve never visited before, created an office space to begin working from home, working from home consistently (job #2), bought a new/used car, found out my sister had cancer, watched my sister overcome cancer, helped my sister move home, created a fund for my sister, used my writing to share this fund… (which by the way is: gofund.me/Hannah-sfund– please check it out and pass it on)…

Phew… deep breath, divine pause.

Life is full of uncertainty. One day you’re on top and the next day you’re on the bottom. Then suddenly in the midst of all the chaos, a divine pause comes… you take a deep breath and (hopefully) catch your bearings. These moments are my favorite. No matter what stage my emotions are in, I can reassure myself that progress is being made and that “this too shall pass.” I am able to see where I’ve come from and celebrate it or grieve it. Life is a whirlwind, a most wondrous dance… but without a divine pause, it will end too soon.

Find such a moment, claim it, breath it in. Look back over the day, the week, the month or the year… Take a deep breath and celebrate the moment your in.


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