I come from a long line of truly talented writers and have often struggled with embracing that part of myself. I have slowly embraced my love of writing and would now introduce myself as an aspiring writer with multi-faceted creative interests.

When I first started this blog I was just experimenting with the idea of sharing my story through blog posts. As of 2017, I hope to take it a little more seriously.

I love reading and I love to write. I write better than I speak. I think the power of the written word should never be abused or discouraged. “Everyone has a story” and that is my opinion on blogging. Good, bad or ugly. Beautiful, hopeful, redemptive; it all counts.

My family and I have a simple goal; to live authentically and in a simple way. I am forever learning and discovering lessons during this journey… and it is my joy to share them here.

I believe that story telling is in us all and blogging fulfills this desire. Thanks for reading!



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